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Hosting Services

Protect My Site

$86.95 / year

Automated monitoring and Scanning
Your web site will be regularly monitored and scanned by our custom software to detect virus infections or likely compromised files.

Login monitoring
You will receive emailed reports if your account receives too many failed logins, or logins from a lot of different IPs

Advanced Vulnerability Reports
You will receive emailed reports if our software finds possible vulnerabilities within your account, such as globally writeable directories or unprotected passwords.

Backup My Site

$49.95 / year

Full backups
Your entire account, including web site, emails, databases and configs will be automatically copied via secure link to our backup servers on a weekly basis.

Off-site and Off-shore

The backups will be located in our custom built backup facility, located in the US.

Fully redundant service

You will be able to access your backups anytime, even if our primary Australian network is off-line. All you will need is your account username and password.

Automatic and Secure
In order to reduce possible data corruption, you will not be able to modify or add to the backups manually, only our custom scripts can update the backups. These scripts operate automatically between our servers. Your access will be restricted to read-only FTP access.

Promote My Site


Website Ranking and Search Report Tool
You will get unlimited access to our online SEO toolbox, which will allow you to see how many entries you have within the top search engines, see how many other websites link to you, and a lot more...

Sitemap Generator
Automatically generates an XML Sitemap so that search engines will know where to find your pages

Meta-tags Generator
Quickly and easily generate meta-tags for your website

Internet Marketing ebook
Our marketing department has compiled a document that will give you a much better understanding of how to easily market your websites on the internet and what strategies work best to get more valuable traffic.

We Support
your online business around the clock

We understand that online businesses are open around the clock, so our technical support team are here to help whenever you need.

Visit the Support Centre or contact us now.