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Fair Use Policy

Webcity offers a stress-free fair use policy for all its shared hosting platform users. Being a shared multi-tenant platform similar rules that would apply to any multi-tenant situation apply. Where no specific limits are placed, so long as you are not causing distress or inconvenience to other tenants in the shared environment, then it may generally be permitted. This means that a typical business website that is not hosting adult content, or high volume files, galleries, videos, file sharing, torrents, bots, proxies etc and does not come under flood attacks or any other forms of recurring adverse activity that may cause inconvenience to other tenants is fine.

We ask that you keep your website patched up to date so that is not an attractive target for spammers, scammers and hackers.

Resources are finite and we strive to ensure there are adequate resources but we may ask you to curtail resource usage if it is causing issues for other tenants or move to a more appropriate platform such as dedicated virtual machines sized to your requirements.

If you are expecting a large volume of traffic due to something like an advertising campaign then please contact us so that we can quote for an appropriate solution to deal with expected volumes.

We reserve the right to determine what is acceptable and is not acceptable on a case by case basis and if unsure please contact us before purchasing. We also reserve the right to suspend or shutdown a website or processes that are causing nuisance or damage or are not commercially viable for us, with or without notice to maintain a stress-free high performance environment for all other users.

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