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DNS – what is it and why do I need it?

DNS is another one of those IT Acronyms that we all love (NOT). It stands for Domain Name Service, and I’m sure that’s really helpful. It may be better to think of it as the phone directory, or the contact list in your phone for all the websites in the world. If you want to reach one, you just find it in the list, push “call” and you’re connected. Wouldn’t it be interesting to have everyone in the world in your contact list!

Continuing this concept, you have several methods of communicating with someone in your contact list (like sending a message), and the same is true of a web server. You might just want to browse the site, or send an email, have an online chat, or video call. You may want to shop securely, submit a form, or conduct a search and these features may be provided by different servers. Ultimately you probably don’t care, you just want to interact with the site, or person on the other side of the site.

When you have your own site or server, you have to get yourself listed so that people out in the world know how to reach you. In the listing, you need to have the equivalent of your server phone number (your IP address) and what sort of service you are providing (such as website, email, secure site). You may want to seek advice on what entries you need, or our support team can also help fill in some gaps.

Here is a brief walkthrough of how to manage the DNS entries if you have purchased them through Webcity.

Edit DNS Manage Domain

1. On our website at https://www.webcity.com.au at the top right-hand side of the page hover your mouse over “Account” then select “Manage Domain".


2. Login to the left-hand side or right-hand side depending if it is a “.au” or “GTL” domain. After attempting to login, if an error appears which mentioned DNS Management is not enabled please contact our support line on 1300 65 55 90 to enable this feature.

3. Once you are able to successfully login, click on "Dns Hosting” to enter the area to select what kind of dns record needs to be updated.

4. Depending on which record you wish to update, click on the corresponding link and from there, records can be added, updated, or deleted.

5. Once a record has been modified please allow 4-6 hours for the changes to take effect. Also note that for any records listed in “DNS hosting” to have any effect on your domain name, the following name servers has to be used: ns1.webcity.com.au and ns2.webcity.com.au, as this is where your DNS contact information is inserted into the global directory.

If you need help with your DNS, please contact one of our customer support consultants.

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